Building, Registering and Advertising Your Casino

Casinos need to be perfectly located and advertised to get the most of the possible to the place. It is not an easy job to choose a location and advertising your casino and if you did not do them right, you will put your business in danger and may be your business starts so badly and fails before even starting. Registration can be so complicated if you don’t know what to do. This guide will help you to figure out how to choose the perfect location for your casino, how to register it and how to advertise it properly. It is not an ultimate guide and you will need to dig for more information but these are the general points that you need to consider.

1. Building Your Casino:
• Check if the laws of the state allow you to build a casino and if they allow, check if the location that you will choose is allowed to be a casino or not. The casino area will be huge so you need to buy a huge area.
• You will need a huge parking space for your customers that the architect that you will hire understands this point well not to be involved in some
• It is better to hire an architect who has built a casino before and understands the design of the place.
• The construction permits are a must to be able to start building. Apply to get your construction permits immediately after having enough cash and determining the perfect location. After having your construction permits, hire project managers; their responsibility is to supervise and oversee the development of the construction of every part of your casino.

2. Registering your casino:
• Have a gaming license from the specialized department is a necessity. You will apply for the license, complete a form and fill a tax form too. The gambling control organization varies from a country to another or from a state to another so make sure to understand which department you will deal with.
• If you are going to sell food in the casino, you need to have a meeting with the department of health and safety to get a license that your place is suitable for serving foods to the customers. Serving foods without a license may lead to shutting down of your whole place.
• You will need to buy the gaming equipment which usually costs a fortune. The best thing to do is to find a bankrupt casino and buy its gaming equipment. The gaming equipment includes slot machines, video poker machines, roulette tables, poker tables, blackjack tables, craps tables, baccarat tables, chips, cards and card shoes, and safes.
• Insurance is essential to keep your investment immune against any kind of accidents. Some insurance companies offer specialized insurance policies for casinos so try to find one of them.

3. Advertising your casino:
• Grab attention in every possible way. Hire an advertising agency with a brilliant creative team and make them create advertisements for your casino in television, Radio and online.
• Make a big opening night. It is better to be free to get more attention.

    A guide to Legal Gambling Fundraising

Gambling is one of the best ways to collect money for charitable activities like local schools and non-profit organizations. But this event needs to be regulated and it has certain rules to make sure that it is not illegal gambling. Imagine this scenario; someone throws a gambling fundraising while it is just a cover for illegal gambling activities; it is possible and happens a lot so if you are about to have a charitable gambling fundraising, there are some points that you should consider not to violate any laws and to handle the amount of money that you will get to the charitable activity that you are fundraising for. Let’s find out some main points regarding this.

1. Go throw the details of your state’s laws:
There are specific restrictions that regulate the gambling fundraising. These restrictions vary according to the place where you are throwing the event so you need to check the laws well before hosting the event. Most of the laws of the states and countries share the following:
• Most of the laws will ask you to have two permits; one for the gambling and one for the alcohol if there will be any drinks.
• Some games are not allowed in charitable gambling events.
• Most of the laws do not allow having professional card dealers in the event.
So you need to dig deeper for information. Some states provide all the information online and other places provide a phone number to the specialized department.

2. The organization situation:
You need to make sure that your organization is charitable by reviewing its situation and checking if you can host a charitable gambling event or not. Almost all the religious, charitable, scientific, literary and educational organizations are allowed to have such an event to collect money. Different taxes laws are applied here.

3. Alcohol:
You need to make sure that the state laws allow you to introduce alcohol into the event or not. If you are about to introduce alcohol into the event, check the laws and notice that you may need a permit.

4. Plan your event well:
After researching all the information, plan you event according to the details that you have found. Don’t try to violate any laws; it is a charitable event so the state will try to help you.

5. The gambling games:
while you are planning your night, consider the games that the guests will play during the game. Poker, Blackjack, roulette, craps and the rest of the games will be great. You can make the playing games part with tickets to collect money. The people at the event can buy some chips and play with them with a limit for every person.


6. The poker tournament:
Like casinos, you can offer your guests to have a poker night with a fixed amount of chips. If someone wants more chips, he/she will make another donation but keep in mind to have a limited number of times not to help anyone lose a large amount of money regarding their gambling addiction.

A Guide to Gambling Addiction

                       A Guide to Gambling Addiction

The house always wins; that is why the gambling industry is big and successful. People think that gambling is just about easy money but it is also about financial crises and that is why this guide will help you to find out more about gambling addiction.

• The types of gambling addiction:
There are different kinds of gambling.The first kind is the common one which is addiction to poker, cards, slot machines and casinos. The second type is gambling when you have a small amount of money and want to make more by gambling. The third type is when you gamble to increase the adrenaline in your veins. These three types are the most common types so if you are one of them, you need to go to rehabilitation or seek professional help.

Why gambling can be an addiction?

Once you are a gambling addict, it is so hard to quit and gambling is sotempting. The money, the thrill and the life of the successful gamblers are all temptations to continue gambling. Gambling promises you to get a lot of money when you become professional but to become professional, you will lose a lot of money.

• The signs of gambling addiction:
It is addiction so the signs of gambling addiction are pretty much as the secrets of any other addiction so the following signs are present in any gambling addict.
1. Trying to hide his/her gambling addiction from everyone.
2. Failure in controlling himself/herself from stopping gambling.
3. Gambling even when they don’t have enough money.
4. When the people surrounding the gambling addict tell him/her that they are in deep gambling addiction problem.
5. Anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts especially when addicts lose most of their money. Some addicts put these thoughts into motion and commit suicide.
6. Gambling addiction usually comes with alcohol and drug addiction too to relieve the anxiety resulting from the gambling failures and addiction. Even if the financial situation of the addict is still perfect; he/she has to deal with the problem of alcoholism and drug addiction later.
The main sign is that you can’t stop whenever you want; that is when you should realize that gambling addiction now became serious and that you need professional help. If you are a gambler, ask yourself if you quitted now would it be a problem? Once you feel anxious, then you are an addict.

• Treatment of gambling addiction:
Gambling is a bad habit so there is no physical abuse of any chemicals if the addict is not alcoholic and didn’t try drugs out so the main treatment is anti-depressants and ant-anxiety drugs. The treatment mainly depends on relieving the depression and the anxiety resulting from thinking of gambling but of course the treatment varies according to the condition of every addict.
The common mistake that gambling addicts do is to try to medicate themselves by using anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. There are a lot of side effects to these drugs and a main side effect is that they make addicts feel worse before getting better so if you are an addict, just seek professional help.